SANYO ESSENTIALS is a brand producing Japanaese high-end,essentilal fashion items made locally using state-of-art manufacturing technology. Beautiful tailoring and high-quality materials are our specialty.

In 2013,SANYO SHOKAI LTD. celebrated the 70th anniversary of our funding. In celebration, we renewed our company’s commitment to cutting edge manufacturing technology and high-quality craftsmanship using the tag line: “TIMELESS WORK” Embodying this mission is our new “100-year coat”, the ultimate representative of our high-quality products. Uniquely our 100-year coat uses locally sourced materials and locally employed craftsman. Following the initial success of this coat, we created SANYO ESSENTIALS, our new brand, which offers a wide range of essential, timeless items.


Founded in 1943, SANYO Shokai moved its headquarters to Ginza in 1945 shortly after the end of World War II, and began manufacturing and sales of raincoats.

In 1951, we trademarked the brand name Sanyo Rain Coat and began selling our raincoats at department stores nationwide. We have constantly innovated and tackled new business ever since. We have world-class in –house designers, and hold fashion shows as a leading company of the fashion industry.

In the 1950s, we created a number of hits such as "white duster coat" which swept the world by storm and “Sassard coat” which was named after a French movie actress. After consolidating our foundation as a comprehensive coat manufacturer, we turned our eyes to overseas in the 1960s and signed contracts with French CCC Inc. as well as Burberry from UK.

Since we began focusing on collaborating with leading companies abroad as well as on developing our own brands in the 1970s, we also branched out our business by producing men’s suits and casual wear with our company’s product development and manufacturing capabilities that have been sustaining the high quality of our products till then.

Furthermore, SANYO Shokai established an even stronger position as a comprehensive apparel manufacturer by actively developing our own brands, such as the women’s brand “EPOCA.”


From its foundation, SANYO Shokai has been focusing on strict quality management. We perform quality tests in products laboratories on various aspects including staining, water resistance and strength against wash and press work. Especially in the area of water repellency and water resistance based on JIS standard, we imported specialized machines from overseas in an effort to produce raincoats in the quality unrivaled in the industry.

Color transfer test

This test detects the difference in the degree of color transfer by the type of paint or cloth.

Sewing inspection

By using cards with illustrations, we can detect imperfect stitching at a glance.

Water repellent test

We reproduce the wearing state and test water repellency by conducting rain and spray tests.


100 years coat has been authenticated J∞QUALITY.

It is time to prove the value of true Japanese quality.
J∞QUALITY is the certification that proves Japan’s world-class quality. It is given only to the products that went beyond the conventional MADE IN JAPAN products and had the entire production process carried out in Japan. This includes not only weaving, knitting, dyeing and sewing of the products, but also product design and sales need to be completed in Japan as well.

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